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  • Satanic Band with the Leadsinger Bono 1)
  • They sing “I stand with the sons of Cain” 2) Cain was the evil one, NOT the good one 3)
  • They covered “Sympathy for the Devil” from the Rolling Stones 4)
  • Bono has repeatedly assumed the role of Lucifer in e.g. the fly-character, which was an allusion to “the Lord of the Flies” / Beelzebub (which is Satan and Gods Word refers to Beelzebub as the prince of demons) AND Mephisto/Macphisto 5), he even stated, that Macphisto was an Extenstion of his fly-persona… (they revealed the fly to be Sergeant Dr. Pepper - 6)
  • They lie to people and deceive them 7)
  • Bono stated that he lies all the time 8), see also the Allseeing Eye + Pyramid - Symbolic here when he sings this song 9) When asked, “do you still believe that Jesus is the way?” he answers basically saying no 10), which is completely the opposite of what the Bible teaches 11) Incredibly, much of U2s Music is actually more blasphemous than that of Marilyn Manson 12) In the Song “Love Rescue Me” they twist the Biblical Psalm23 and show that they rebell against God 13) They trample Jesus underfoot in their song “Peace on Earth” 14) They even trample 1Corinthians13 underfoot in their Song “if God will send his angels” 15) In their song “Wake up dead man” they sing of Jesus as being still dead 16) instead of already risen from the grave U2 / Bono - Sold Soul for Rock n Roll - - Satanic Promotors

    Can seomeone find out what this statement here means? couldn't figure it out... FIXME (())

1) See upside down cross?
5) from Faust, which is ALSO a name for Satan
liars will not inherit the kingdom of God - Rev21:8)
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