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Judge Not Gospel Tract


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People all around the world, say these statements with such zeal and passion, as if they are universal and absolute truths. Why do people do this? Are they right? If so, where do people get these statements from? Most people think they’re found in the Bible, but they’re not. Some even think that, “Thou Shalt Not Judge,” is one of the Ten Commandments, but that’s not true either! People usually believe these statements, due to their misunderstanding of Matthew 7:1. Yet, if they were to read Matthew 7:1-5, they would see that Jesus is opposing hypocritical judgment, NOT judgment in general. In fact, verse 5 says that we are fit to judge others, IF we aren’t hypocrites. The Bible says that a “spiritual” person (a Christian) judges “all things” (1 Cor. 2:15) and that the Saints (Christians) will “judge the world” (1 Cor. 6:2). Jesus tells us to judge righteously in John 7:24 and tells us that we can know someone “by their fruits” (which requires judging - Matt. 7:20). There is actually a WHOLE BOOK in the Bible that is called, “Judges”! The Bible also talks about a day called Judgment Day, when God will judge the whole world in righteousness (Acts 17:31). There is some truth to, “Only God Can Judge Me!” God will be the one who does the judging on Judgment Day and His judgment will be final. There will be no lawyer to get you off and no corrupt jury to let you go free. God will judge you in truth, according to your thoughts, words and deeds. That’s why saying, “Only God Can Judge Me,” is SO FOOLISH. Don’t you understand that God knows about all of your lustful and hateful thoughts? He knows about every time you’ve lied, gotten drunk, been covetous, taken His name in vain, stolen, done drugs, had sex outside of marriage, etc. The fact that only God can and will issue FINAL JUDGMENT, is NOT a “comforting” thing. Judgment Day is a VERY SCARY thing…IF YOU’RE A SINNER. When people say, “Thou Shalt Not Judge,” they really mean, “Leave me alone and let me sin in peace!” Your sin will only lead you to Hell, as the guilty sinner that you are. Don’t go there! Instead, be pardoned by the Grace of God! God offers you Mercy, through Jesus Christ! Jesus lived a sinless life, died on the cross for your sins and then rose from the grave. If you will Repent of your sins (STOP IT), Trust in what Jesus did for you on the cross and Follow/Obey Him until the END, then He will Forgive you & give you Eternal Life.

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