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Testimonies of Ex-Homosexuals

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Ex-Gay, Former Homosexual, Ex-Lesbian, Ex- LGBT Testimonies Playlist

Testimonies of former gays, ex-homosexuals, ex-lesbians, former bisexuals, former transgenders, ex-LGBT saved by the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Testimony of Ex-Gay / Homo / Drag / Transgender No More! JUSTIFIED!!! AMEN!!


Description below Video: ~ My Testimony of Truth….because it is NOT okay, normal or justified.

Feel free to sit down and read my testimony anytime… there is a lot more detail and explanation than the video testimony, which really needs to be redone.

Please feel free to contact me in regards to any topic or discussion as I am an open book…. in HIS Love, David Arthur

To the one seeking some information on whether or not they are truly gay, or if they have been deceived, please know that you do have options! You are not shut out to just one course of action, following your heart (our biggest deceiver). You don’t have to live a homosexual life, or a bisexual or transgender life if you don’t want to. You can find freedom from your same-sex attraction, as many others have, and I highly recommend that path to you without hesitation. The Truth, JESUS CHRIST, will most definitely set you free.

my ex homosexual testimony (testimony of a former lesbian)

This is what God has done to me. Don't just say God can't take my sin away. Know you are wrong and CHOOSE to follow him so that you can experience a real transformation. Romans 1:16 UNASHAMED

Testimony of a former Lesbian

Testimony of a former Lesbian & how to get saved

From “Christian” to Lesbian to Born Again: the Emily Satterfeld story.

Comment on the original video: Susan Dailvor 1 year ago (approximately January 2015) “I have known Emily since she was a little girl. I am filled with joy and happiness for her and her family. I see a glow around her that has never been there before. A sense of calm, beauty, security. This child has been prayed for, loved unconditionally the 22 years she has lived, by my precious friend, her Aunt. Her father, grandparents. They never gave up. God never gives up! This is an awesome testimony Emily. I am so proud of you. You are awesome!”

Testimony of a man who is an ex-transgender woman

Ex-Transgender Woman (Diamond Dee) Testimony (Transgender realizes he made a mistake) Extended

Short Version:

The original Gay song

The original song ministered by a man delivered from the sodomite lifestyle! Wonderful Testimony!!

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