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Princess Diana

  • Was cloned 1)

Cause of her Death

  • Brakes were manipulated 2)
  • A guy on a motorcycle (who was an agent, not a paparazzi) shined a bright light to the car, so that they swirred away from the light and crashed into the pillar 3)
  • she wasn't dead before reaching the hospital, yet someone put a high concentration of salt-water into her, which is almost not detecteable

Reason for her Death

  • one reason was, that she didn't want to attend the cloning centers anymore and wanted to go public with it all and she wanted to marry an arab 4)

> Also Elizabeth had princess Diana Spencer killed by having someone shine the brightest light known to mankind through the window side on to the car, they swerved away from it and hit the divider, it was no paparazzi. Diana survived though, and while either on the way to or in the hospital was injected with a high concentration of salt which is near undetectable and died. She did this because Diana was going to marry an Arab. Diana hated them, knew about the cloning stuff and wanted nothing to do with it, but was afraid of being killed so said nothing. I know this and many more things that I will be more than happy to tell. 5)

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