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The Bible
Using mnemonics to memorize the bible.

For the past year I have been intensely trying to memorize the bible.   I can type most of the book of Revelation from memory, however i am having a hard time with verse recall.  In other words I need a few words to get me started.  During my memorization I would type out the verse address, but they just do not seem to stick.  Numbers are just so hard to memorize.

During my study of trying to find better ways to remember I kept coming across the funny word mnemonics.   Basically it is an old word that means using pictures and places to memorize.  It turns out our minds are very good at spacial memory, not very good at random memory.  Our minds are created to forget.   Think of how bad it would be if we remembered everything from every day we ever had and could recall it at random.  The good things would be nice to remember, but bad experiences and things that are now meaningless [think algebra] , who wants to remember those?  Anyway to make a long story short I decided to try to use mnemonics to help me with verse location.

I am using short simple animation to try to memorize the book of James. Since it takes quite a bit of time to put these together [a lot longer then I ever imagined]  I thought I would share with others who may be like minded.  I did find some things on the net on this regard, however they were not in the version I am memorizing [KJV], so I could not use them.

James Chapter 1 Verses 1-27

James Chapter 2 Verses 1-26

James Chapter 3 Verses 1-18

James Chapter 4 Verses 1-17

James Chapter 5 Verses 1-20

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