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List of chimeras

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Name Origin Description
Ahuizotl Aztec Cannibalistic dog-monkey hybrid
Aigikampoi Etruscan Fish-tailed goat
Akhlut Inuit Orca-wolf shapeshifter
Alkonost Slavic Angelic bird with human head and breasts
Allocamelus Heraldic Ass-camel hybrid
Alphyn Heraldic Lion-like creature, sometimes with dragon or goat forelegs
Amphisbaena GreekSerpent with a head at each end
Androsphinx Ancient Egypt Human-headed sphinx
Angha Persian Dog-lion-peacock hybrid
Apkallu SumerianFish-human hybrid that attends the got Enki
Axex Ancient Egypt Falcon-lion hybrid
Baku Japanese Dream-devoring, elephant-ox-rhinoceros-tiger hybrid
Basilisco Chilote Chilota Chicken-serpent hybrid
Bishop-fish Bishop Fish-like humanoid
Bonnacon Medieval Bestiaries Bull-horse hybrid with flaming dung
Bunyip Australian Aboriginal Horse-walrus hybrid lake monster
Buraq Islamic Human-headed, angelic horse
Cadejo Central America Cow sized dog-goat hybrid in two varieties: benevolent and white, and malevolent and black
Cambion Medieval folklore Hybrid between a human and an incubus or succabus
Catoblepas Medieval BestiaryScaled buffalo-hog hybrid
Cecaelia Cecaelia Modern term for mermaid-like, human-octopus hybrid
Chichevache Medieval folklore Human-faced cow that feeds on good women
Chimaera Greek Lion-goat-snake hybrid
Cipactli Aztec Sea monster, crocodile-fish hybrid
Cockatrice Medieval Bestiaries Chicken-lizard hybrid
Colo Colo Mapuche Rat-bird hybrid that can shapeshift into a serpent
Criosphinx Ancient EgyptRam-headed sphinx
Cynocephalus Medieval Bestiaries Dog-headed humanoid
Deer Woman Native AmericanHuman-deer hybrid
Dhampir Balkans Hybrid between a human and a vampire
Dobhar-chu DobharDog-fish hybrid
Dragon turtle Chinese Giant turtle with dragon-like head
Encantado Brazilian Dolphin-human shapeshifter
Enfield Heraldic Fox-greyhound-lion-wolf-eagle hybrid
Faun Roman Human-goat hybrid nature spirit
Fenghuang Chinese Rooster-swallow-fowl-snake-goose-tortoise-stag-fish hybrid
Finfolk Orkney Fish-human hybrid that kidnaps humans for servants
Fish-man Fish Amphibious, scaled humanoid
Fomorian Irish Goat-headed giant
Gamayun Russian Prophetic bird with human head
Gandharva Hindu Male nature spirits, often depicted as part human, part animal
Garuda Hindu Human-eagle hybrid
Glaistig Scottish Human-goat hybrid
Gorgon Greek Human-goat hybrid
Griffin Heraldic Lion-eagle hybrid
Gulon Germanic Gluttonous dog-cat-fox hybrid
Haetae Korean Dog-lion hybrid
Half-elf Half Hybrid of a human and an elf
Harpy Greek Death spirit with the form of a bird with a human head
Hieracosphinx Ancient EgyptFalcon-headed sphinx
Hippocampus Etruscan, Greek, and Phoenician Horse-fish hybrid
Hippogriff Medieval Bestiaries Hybrid of a griffon and horse, that is a lion-eagle-horse hybrid
Homa Persian Eagle-lion hybrid, similar to a griffon
Hombre Caiman Colombian Human-alligator hybrid
Hombre Gato Latin America Human-cat hybrid
Humbaba Akkadian Lion-faced giant
Ipotane Greek Horse-human hybrid, two-legged (as opposed to the four-legged centaur)
Karura Japanese Eagle-human hybrid
Kye-ryong Kye Chicken-lizard hybrid
Lammasu Akkadian and Sumerian Protective spirit with the form of a winged bull or lion with a human head
Leucrota Medieval Bestiary Hybrid of a lion and crocotta
Lizardman Global Human-lizard hybrid
Llamhigyn Y Dwr Welsh Frog-bat-lizard hybrid
Lou Carcolh French Snake-mollusk hybrid
Manticore Persian Lion-human-scorpion hybrid
Merfolk Worldwide Human-fish hybrid
Merrow Irish and Scottish Human-fish hybrid
Minotaur Greek Human-bull hybrid
Nāga Buddhist and Hindu Nature and water spirits, serpentine or human-serpent hybrids
Nguruvilu Mapuche Fox-like water snake
Ningyo Japanese Monkey-fish hybrid
Nuckelavee Scottish Malevolent human-horse-fish hybrid
Nue Japanese Monkey-raccoon dog-tiger-snake hybrid
Onocentaur Medieval Bestiaries Human-donkey hybrid (upper part human, lower part body of donkey)
Ophiotaurus Greek Bull-serpent hybrid
Opinicus Heraldic Lion-eagle hybrid, similar to a griffin, but with leonine forelimbs
Pardalokampoi Etruscan Fish-tailed panther
Peryton Allegedly Medieval folkloreDeer-bird hybrid
Piasa Native AmericanWinged, antlered feline
Pi yao Chinese Horned, dragon-lion hybrid
Questing Beast Arthurian legend Serpent-leopard-lion-hart hybrid
Satyr Greek Human-goat hybrid and fertility spirit
Scorpion Man Mayan and Sumerian Human-scorpion hybrid
Scylla Greek Human-snake-wolf hybrid with a snake's tail, twelve wolf legs, and six long-necked wolf heads
Sea-bee Sea Fish-tailed bee
Selkie Faroese, Icelandic, Irish, and ScottishHuman-seal shapeshifter
Serpopard Ancient EgyptSerpent-leopard hybrid
Shachihoko Japanese Tiger-carp hybrid
Shedu Akkadian and Sumerian Protective spirit with the form of a winged bull or lion with a human head
Shisa Japanese Lion-dog hybrid
Simargl Slavic Winged dog
Simurgh Persian Dog-lion-peacock hybrid
Siren Greek Human-headed bird
Sirin Slavic Demonic human-headed bird
Sirrush Akkadian Dragon with aquiline hind legs and feline forelegs
Sphinx Greek Winged lion with a woman's head
Swan maiden Worldwide Swan-human shapeshifter
Tanuki Japanese Shapeshifting Raccoon dog
Taurokampoi Etruscan Fish-tailed bull
Theriocephalus Medieval folklore Animal-headed humanoid
Tritons Greek Human-fish hybrid
Unicorn Medieval Bestiaries One-horned goat-lion-stag-horse hybrid
Urmahlullu Mespotamian Lion-human hybrid guardian spirit
Vanara Hindu Human-ape hybrid
Vrykolakas Greek Undead wolf-human hybrid
Wanyūdō Japanese Demon in the form of a burning ox cart with a human head
Werecat Worldwide Feline-human shapeshifter
Werewolf Worldwide Wolf-human shapeshifter
Wulver Scottish Wolf-headed human
Wyvern Heraldic Flying reptile, usually with two legs and two wings
Yowie Australian Aboriginal Nocturnal human-ape hybrid
Ypotryll Heraldic Boar-camel-ox-serpent hybrid
Zhulong Chinese Pig-headed dragon


Anggitay - A strictly-female creature that has the upper body of a human with the lower body of a horse and is sometimes portrayed with a horn.

Centaur - A creature that has the upper body of a human with the lower body of a horse

Pan - similar to faun & satyr. legs, horns of a goat and upper body human.

Silenus - similar to satyr.

Lilitu - A woman with bird legs sometimes with wings found in later Greek mythology.

Kinnara - Half-human, half-bird in later Indian mythology.

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