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Kent Hovinds defense of Creationism and Refutation of Evolutionism

NOTE! Kent Hovind teaches the heresy of eternal security/OSAS!! Don't fall for his teachings on that you cannot lose/forfeit your salvation! Find out more information about Kent Hovind and what false teachings he holds on to and teaches

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Creation Seminar Series (Get the Basics in some hours of teachings)

College Class Series (Get into more Detail into the topic)


Creation Seminar Highlightes - Kend Hovind - The Whole Seminar

100 Reasons Why Evolution Is STUPID! - Kent Hovind Christian Creationist

MORE Reasons Why Evolution is STUPID!! (FULL) | Kent Hovind | Creation Science Evangelism

Creation Debate - Kent Hovind vs. Kyle Frazier & Michael Shermer - “Three Views, Who Is Right?”

Creation/Evolution Debate - Kent Hovind vs. UC-Berkeley Finally Hears the Truth

Creation/Evolution Debate - Kent Hovind vs. Ben Waggoner (University of Central Arkansas)

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