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How does replication cloning work (as seen in the Movie Boys from Brazil)

Filename: How does replication cloning work Boys from Brazil See Movie The Boys from Brazil

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How cloning is done (mononuclear reproduction) - with the example of a white mother rabbit and a blood cell of a black rabbit 1)

  1. extract unfertilized egg from an ovulating females' fallopian tube 2) (Concerning the size, an ordinary sowing needle is brought into view in comparison to the egg 3) )
  2. destroy nucleus of egg with ultraviolet light, so that none of its genetic makeup remains (destroy all of its genes and chromosomes) 4)
  3. implant nucleus of the doner cell (which could be taken from a blood sample or even skin scraping) - one of the blood cells of the doner is sucked up with the injection pipette and then injected into the egg 5)
  4. after a few hours the eggs in culture divide 6) and are ready to be put back into the female7), where they grow into embryos (within a months time - the normal gestation period they will become baby rabbits - in this case the white mother rabbit gives birth to a black litter of rabbits. The black colour thereby proves that they have been cloned from the blood cell of a black rabbit.8) )
    • that cell, with its genetic material intact, eventually becomes an embryo and is born as a living creature. Without parents - It has no father because its egg was never furtilized, no mother because its genetic code comes from an other being. And this creature is an exact duplicate of itself.

  • Transferring the eggs back into the female isn't the big problem. Thats been done all the time with laboratory animals.
  • The really tricky part is the microsurgery. Geting the doner cell into the egg. You're lucky if 1 in 10 survives.
  • This can also be done with humans if the surgical technique were precise enough.
But it's monstrous to have human clones. (conclusion from the movie)
  • But not only would the genetic code of the donor have to be reproduced, but also the social/environmental background as well. (so if the parents were divorced when the boy was 10 this would have to be re-arranged)
  • for one to be cloned, the donor doesn't have to be alive! Indicidual cells taken from a donor can be preserved indefinitely. e.g. with a sample of Mozars blood and a woman, someone with the skill and the equipment, could breed a few houndred baby mozarts.

Anatomy of the Nucleus FIXME

Only the cloning scene of the movie “The Boys from Brazil”

1) The Boys from Brazil 1978;
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