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History of Street Preaching by Ruben Israel

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Website info The OFFICIAL STREET PREACHERS WEBSITE is to edify, train and exhort the body of Christ in the biblical method of public preaching. The Church today has buried this talent of outdoor unwanted preach ing and has emphasized on keeping your faith personal and private without the word ‘repent’ mentioned . The Bible teaches us to confess Jesus before mankind (Mt.1 0:32 - 33) and that is not just a one time repeating a sinners prayer in a enclosed Church, but proclaiming the God of the Bible as bold as lions (Pr.28:1) . With the concept of the Holy Ghost to promote JESUS THE CHRIST to a dead and backslidden world as per Acts 1:8 ; 2Tim.4:2 . We find men of God preaching out doors in public places from Genesis to Revelation , so why is this strange - fire to steeple Christianity today? Why do churches have youth ministry, children ministry, married and single minist ries, music ministry, the homeless ministry and one can a lways find a prayer ministry. Maybe somewhere there is even a left handed, red haired, a lbino, with one droopy eye ministry for females? Yet NO one gets exhorted from the pulpit to go preach in the modern marketplace , as preaching is not a ministry but a commandment , our duty as a believer . God is looking for men to raise up are you willing ? “Who will rise up for me against the evildoers? or who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?” (Ps.94:16) “And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should n ot destroy it: but I found none” (Ezk.23:30) We as believers should not ashamed of the God of the Bible or the Holy standard of Christian living as fruit from being born again and we have counted the cost to preach in public to unwanted ears. This is wha t has been coined as “Confrontational Evangelism” to take a message of repentance to those in the street that need to heed what God says and confront swept the colonies in the eighteenth century. THE METHODIST CHURCH WAS STARTED BY STREET PREACHERS! George Whitefield stated: “I be lieve I never was more acceptable to my Master than when I was standing to teach those hearers in the open fields.” … “I now preach to ten times more people than I should, if had been confined to the Churches.” Also from John Wesley : “I am well assured that I did far more good to my Lincolnshire parishioners by preaching three days on my father's tomb than I did by preaching three years in his pulpit.” … “To this day field preaching is a cross to me, but I know my commission and see no other way of pre aching the gospel to every creature”. A friend of Whitefield and Wesley's started a great revival in Wales called the Welsh Revival. His name was Howell Harris, and is another example of a man known to be a FIELD PREACHER. WHITTEFIELD WAS A STREET PREACH ER! Gideon Ouseley was a nother great Methodist outdoor preacher at this time was (1762 - 1839). He traveled on horseback and preached several times a day, without dismounting, in streets, fairs and markets throughout Ireland. Methodists were also instrument al in America's second Great Awakening, typified by outdoor Camp Meetings, started in 1800 by James Mcready, and also featuring the preaching of Peter Cartwright (1785 - 1872) and Lorenzo Dow (1777 - 1834). The REFORMED churches, PRESBYTERIAN churches, and ME THODIST churches, and the MODERN MISSIONS MOVEMENT were all started by STREET PREACHERS! William Taylor was a Methodist was asked “Why do you preach in the streets and highways?“ His answer was BECAUSE IT IS A DUTY ENJOINED BY THE LORD JESUS CHRIS AND IT IS SUPPORTED BY DIVINE AND APOSTOLIC PRECEDENT AND EXAMPLE, CONFIRMED BY DIVINE ATTESTATION A great Baptist R evival in Scotland was the result of the FIELD PREACHING of Robert (1764 - 1842) and James (1768 - 1851). Haldane and Rowland Hill (one of the founde rs of the Religious Tract Society, and an early advocate of vaccination). They were Anglicans, but converted to Baptists when the established Church forbade their field preaching. Robert and James left their business and sold their estate to devote their t ime to preaching the Gospel. WILLIAM CAREY , the ‘father of modern missions,’ went to India and preached in the streets of the brothel district of Calcutta. His assistant, Chamberlain, would go to the Ganges river and preach to crowds of Hindus there. One of their converts was a British sailor, Robert Flockhart, who returned to Scotland and preached in the streets until his death. THE MODERN MISSIONS MOVEMENT WAS STARTED BY STREET PREACHERS! AMERICAN COLONISTS who were Baptists impressed Jefferson and Madi son with their views on religious freedom. Baptists were often jailed in Virginia, where they would preach to crowds outside through the window of their jail cell. Jefferson used to enjoy pulling up a camp stool and listening to Baptist outdoor preachers. (Encyclopedia of Religious Freedom: “Baptist Dissenters in Virginia”) BAPTIST HAVE ALWAYS OPEN AIR PREACHED, UNLIKE TODAY. THE HALDANE brothers, who along with Rowland Hill founded the Religious Tract Society. These Baptists started a great revival in Sc otland in the 1800s as they preached outdoors. SPURGEON , the ‘prince of preachers’ and pastor of the Metropolitan Tabernacle in London, started out preaching in the streets and taught open air preaching to his pastoral students. As Charles Spurgeon testif ied: “ No sort of defense is needed for preaching out of doors, but it would need very potent arguments to prove that a man had done his duty who has never preached beyond the walls of his meeting - house. A defense is required for services within buildings t han for worship outside of t hem” and “ It would be very easy to prove that revivals of religion have usually been accompanied, if not caused, by a considerable amount of preaching out of doors, or in unusual places” CHARLES WAS A STREET PREACHER! Dwight L . Moody (1837 - 1899) was a well known preacher in the Chicago area. The Moody B ible Institute bears his name. “ One of his regular practices in the late sixties was to exhort the passersby in the evenings from the steps of the court house. Often these improm ptu gathering drew as many hecklers as supporters” MOODY WAS A STREET PREACHER! The Salvation Army started out doing a lot of STREET PREACHING! William Booth would pointed to sinners and called them specifically to repentance. When William Booth preached the first of nine sermons in that tattered tent, he did so under the name of the East London Christian Mission; Thirteen years later, it became the Salvation Army. William and Catherine realized that they had to meet more than spiritual needs: the physica l needs were just too great. And that is what they did. R. A. Torrey said Open - air meetings are portable, you can carry them around. It would be very difficult to carry a church or mission building with you, but there is no difficulty about carrying an op en ai r meeting with you. You can get an open - air meeting where you could by no possibility get a church, mission hall or even a room. You can have open - air meetings in all parts of the city and all parts of the country. You can reach men in an open - air mee ting that you can reach in no other way. I can tell of instance after instance where men who have not been at church or a mission hall for years have been reached by open - air meetings. The persons I have known to be reached and converted through open - air meetings have included thieves, drunkards, gamblers, saloon - keepers, abandoned women, murderers, lawyers, doctors, theatrical people, society people, in fact pretty much every class. WHY has the modern Church aborted this method of preaching, knowing gr eat exploits happened with out door preachers even with different theology, from Francis of Assisi, John Bunyon, Charles Finney, Billy Sunday, Holy Hubert and Brimstone Billy? The names can go on with numerous examples of holy men proclaiming the Word of G od publicly to unwanted and uninvited ears for centuries as this website will resurrect that buried talent again within the body of Christ. Face it, ‘Confrontational Evangelism’ is nothing new, it is not a present - day phenomenon nor ‘strange fire’ but it is growing like a fire today to those with eyes to see. As God used John the Baptist to usher the Son of God, He has now raised up an army of John’s worldwide to promote the coming of Jesus in these last days. The Hebrew prophets of old uses this speci fic method as an example for the New Testament, and inspired those Protestant preachers to open - air preaching during the Great Awakenings. It is both ordained and commanded by the God of the Bible, and therefore we interpret that role to adhere to a solid Biblical example. Over the years I have talked, emailed and personally met men worldwide who have been inspired by this method of preaching from our website, our youtube clips, my example in the theater today and the history of those that proclaimed God in public. What we find coupled with Biblical preaching is persecution and if we have no fruit of persecution, we have no Biblical preaching. Jesus made it very clear in John 7:7 “The world cannot hate you; but me it hates, because I testify of it, t hat the works thereof are evil” So they very reason there is no persecution or is anyone being hated is because they do not testify against the world, they embrace the world. This is our Christianity, raw an unrefined. John the Baptist was jailed for ca lling the king an adulterous and was later beheaded. Our Lord was put on a cross next to two criminals and died. The person that betrayed him hung himself, while the rest of the 11 ran away. Stephen was stoned to death and all the apostles were killed, save John who was boiled and put on an Island, as most of the New Testament which we consider inspired was written from a prison cell. We were exhorted and admonished that we will be hated, persecuted, beaten, jailed and killed. When was the last t ime your Pastor was arrested for preaching Jesus? Most ministers are more concerned about having a good name and trying to get along with everyone. What does the modern - day Church understand about persecution? Maybe a story that was read, a blog or a new sletter, or perhaps they goggled a testimony, or recited a history from the early Church. But a personal testimony, NEVER! In fact most ministers, Ch urches and ministries will keep away from someone who has been arrested for the Gospels sake. You are treated like a leaper or maybe you deserved getting arrested. On numerous occasions the preaching’s of the Wesley brothers, George Whitefield and m any traveling preachers were attacked by drunken, brawling armed men with weapons as clubs, bricks, stones, stink and rotten eggs. There are stories where the mob would procure a bull and drive the tormented beast into the middle of an open - air congregatio n, or sometimes the mockers would make a noise with bells, horns, drums and pans to drown out the preacher's voice. Sometimes they expended their fury in burning or tearing down the houses and destroying or stealing the furniture and possessions of Methodi st followers. It is known that John Wesley himself was in grave danger of being killed while at the hands of mobs in Staffordshire and Cornwall. His brother Charles narrowly escaped with his life in the town of Devizes, in Wiltshire, and Whitefield - said to be “covered with blood and on the point of falling” - was rescued in the nick of time from the brutal fury of an Irish crowd in Dublin. Whitefield also evidences the almost gleeful acceptance of negative reaction to his preaching, just as the early disc iples did: “I was honored with having stones, dirt, rotten eggs and pieces of dead cats thrown at me.” These stories of crowd persecution are where in today’s evangelists? Over my 30 years of outdoor service, I have been arrested and detained more times t han I remember. Have been punched more times that I have lost count, beaten a few times, had gallons of spit on my face, had gallons of drinks poured on me. Been whipped by a whip and rosary beads, tried to light me on fire a few times, had my clothes ri pped, been slapped and pushed so often I don’t even count them, had a water hose turned on me a number of times, a few cars that tried to hit me. Had people urinate on my leg and twice had sinners ejaculate on me while I preached. One reason we la ck these stories, is due to the fact we don’t preach against sin in public as per John 7:7 This open - air style of preach ing is also called “Confrontational Evangelism” because it involves taking a message of repentance to the public square to ears that ne ed to hear it and not just with the four walls of a building . It’s purpose is to proclaim and declare the word of God to those in need. The message is simple, expose sin and give the remedy, which is belief in Jesus THE Christ, as per Acts 1:8; “But ye sh all receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth” Confrontational Evangelism is NOT speaking of sin behind a pul pit or writing a letter to the editor or posting on a blog, but confronting sin face to face . We fearlessly expose sin in the street, on t he campus or in the market place and after the law is given , we can offer grace. So IF the Holy Ghost is in your bo dy or you are filled with Him, you would be a witness and He would speak from you and use you to reprove the world as per John 16:8. “And when he is come, he will reprove the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment”

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