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Getting Things Done

How to get things done - various tips and tricks. See also other Practical Tips in Life (such as How to Bind Books, How to learn, How to Memorize Scripture or How to Take Notes)

Completely without Electronics

On a computer (offline)

On a comptuter (online)

You lose time if you do Multitasking

  • “Every time you switch the focus of your Attention from one subject to another, you incur the Cognitive Switching Penalty. In order to take action, your brain has to “load” the context of what you’re doing into working memory. If you constantly switch the focus of your Attention, you’re forcing your brain to spend time and effort thrashing, loading and reloading contexts over and over again. That’s why it’s possible to spend an entire day multitasking, get nothing done, and feel exhausted at the end—you’ve burned all of your energy context-switching instead of making progress.” 1)
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