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Overview Category Jehovas Witnesses (JW)

In case you already have had anything to to with the Jehovas Witnesses, you might have noticed, that they teach a different, special Gospel or good news of the 1914 Kingdom lehren. Obviously they use a different Bible Translation, namely the New World Translation. But what exactly teach and believe the Jehovas witnesses? This is important to know, because the normal Evangelical Christian doesn't know how to counter the Jehovas Witnesses. Important to know is, that The Jehovas Witnesses have been brainwashed, through the indoctrination of the Watchtower Society. What about the 1914 and how can you refute the wrong year of the destruction of Jerusalem of 607 B.C.? Here you find the truth concerning the 144'000, whereof the Jehovas Witnesses have a wrong idea as well. Here you find also Information concerning the deadly Distortion of John 17:3 by the Watchtower society. In addition you find a testimony of a former Jehovas Witness, who found to Jesus and afterwards left. To help Jehovas Witnesses to find the truth of the Bible and get out of the snare of the indoctrination of the Watchtower-Society, you find here a Questionnaire for thinkgin Jehovas Witnesses, which is also available in form of a tract to hand out.


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