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If you have dealt with Bible-Translations before, then you surely also have noticed, that the modern Bibletranslations (partially) vary greatly in their wording. This is amongst other things, because the source text is first being interpreted and then bein translated. Additionally, there's also the factor, that there are 2 different greek source texts, upon which the New Testament is based. Many of the Bibletranslations of today are based upon the WRONG source text (namely the Nestle-Aland-Text instead of the Textus Receptus). This is also recognizeable in that partially whole verses are missing and in the wrong source text there are even contradictions. More information concerning where the Bibletranslations differ from one another you can find on the comparison site of Bibletranslations.

Recommendeable are Translations, which are based upon the correct source text. This would e.g. be the King James Version, the New King James Version (just ignore the notes concerning the “better translation-variants which are based upon the Nestle-Aland-Text), or also the Young's Literal Translation.

But you have to be aware of that there are (proabably mostly in the US) KJV-only-groups, which ONLY accept the King James Version and teach that the salvation is dependant upon this translation. Whereas it is impoortant, that one has the exact word of God, it's also true, that one knows WHAT is written there and what it means. For a thorough study of the Scriptures its recommended that you take a Bible which is related to the text-familiy of the Textus Receptus, but to make the salvation dependant upon the King James Version is really too risky. (By the way, some words have changed their meaning since the original version of 1611, more information you can find on the page which is related to the meaning of the words in the King James Version).

But, if doesn't profit you at all, if you posess a King James Version, but you don't live holy and are disobedient towards God. God in the end won't judge you according to whether you had the absolut perfect Bibletranslation, but whether you had DONE his will or not (Mt7:21).

If you yourself don't own a Bible (yet), here you can download one for yourself. Also i can recommend you the Biblesoftware theWord, if you own a Windows PC or if you own a Mac, the Software E-Sword.

Beware also of Notes and comments in study Bibles! Such are often times riddled with false teachings, which teach a licens to sin (with Once Saved Always Saved or reformed/calvinistic Theology) lehren. Study Bible, which teach such a heresy are for example the MacArthur Study Bible, the New Geneva Study Bible (Main-Collaborator R.C.Sproul). Additionally not recommended are the Bible commentaries of C.Ryrie, MacDonald und John Walvoord. Also, Dispensationalism and Pre-Trib-Rapture-Theology and Darbysm is being propagated by the Scofield Study Bible. If you possess a Study Bible that is based upon a good source text and is translated well, you can still continue to use it, just don't bother at the notes and commentaries.

Concerning the reliability of the Bible, the following Tract can be recommended: ”Holy Bibel Wholly True“.

Also, the Bible is mathematically unsurpassable.


Be warned, before you read the following lines / files. It will be shocking. The lie is already very rampant. Many Biletranslations (i speak here of the New Testament) are based already today on a corrupted, critical greek sourcetext (Nestle-Aland / Westscott & Hort = NA) instead of the True Text, the Majority Text (=MT) and the Textus Receptus (=TR - in english this means the text that has been handed down).

Bild: "The most important thing is, that you LIVE HOLY and not the Bibletranslation you read. Even though there are huge differences between the translations, it doesn't help you anything, if you have a King James Bible, but you don't live accordingly (Mt7:21-23; Lk6:46) |"

In the Nestle-Aland Text there are even contradictions and even whole verses or parts of verses are being left out.

Namely crucial passages have been changed / shortened / striked out. To illustrate of what measurements of the falsifications we're speaking of here - following some examples (you may look up the cited passages in a KingJames and in a modern translation and compare the verses - or yake a look at the PDF mentioned afterwards)

  • Fasting (in connection with prayer) and also to be awake/sober has been represented as less important (Mt17,21; Mt25,13; Mk9,29; Mk13,33; Acts10,30)
  • Adultery and Murder are being displayed as not so fatal, e.g. in leaving out these words from Galatians5,19-21. It is being left away, that it is adultery, if one marries someone who is divorced (Mt19,9), Fornication is being left out (Rom1,29), covetousness is being displayes as less wicked resp. they don't want divisions (1Tim6,5)
  • the biblical teaching of the hell and the eternal lake of fire have been taken away in big scale (Mk9,44; Mk9,45-46)
  • that a marriage is between one MAN and one WOMAN has been removed. A loophole is being left open for homosexuality (Mk10,6-7)
  • Repentance, to take up your cross and to follow Jesus and obey him uncompromisingly are being removed radically (Mt5,44; Mt9,13; Mk2,17; Mk10,21; Acts9,5-6; Acts17,30)
  • e.g. in Romans 8,1 the crucial half part of the verse has been omitted, that one can conclude easier, that one can continue to sin and nonetheless/still be saved. Anyway they want to promote “Faith alone”, that means “without obedience”. (Col3,6, Rev22,14) To turn from sin and to turn cease from it/stop it as CONDITION for the Salvation (Jas2,20) is not desired, therefore they also create for themselves suitable bibletranslations. That forgiveness is also tied to conditions and is not unconditionally, is being eliminted/extirpated. (Verse Mk11,26 left away). In relation with that, room/space is being generated for the heresy of Once Saved - Always Saved (1Joh3,1; 1Joh5,13)
  • the Our-Father Prayer has been shortened massively (Mt6,13; Lk11,2-4)
  • With Acts 8,37 THE crucial Vers has been omitted, which would damn infant-baptism. The official church wants to hold on to infant-baptism, that's why it hates Acts8,37. That the baptism of children is not warranted and Acts8,37 one can also see, because Mk16,16 is saying the same thing.
  • the mark of the beast has been taken away in a verse in revelation. (Rev15,2) (The false Teachers by the way want to make you believe, that you can take the mark of the beast easily and won't go to hell because of that - which is in total contradiction to Rev14,9-12!)
  • Joseph is depicted as the father of Jesus instead of God (Mk1,1, Lk2,33) therefore Jesus is being degraded from the Son of God to a simple human (Joh6,69; Joh9,35)
  • Jesus is depicted / made into a liar, in that one word is being left out (Joh7,8)
  • Jesus is not being called a righteous person (Mt27,24; Mk14,68)
  • Verses that relate to the resurrection of Jesus are being labeled as phony. Therefore the foundation of our faith ist being destroyed. (Mk16,9-20; Lk24,6; Lk24,12; Lk24,36; Lk24,40; Lk24,51-52; Rom14,9)
  • the Love and mercy of Jesus are being omitted (Mt18,11; Lk9,55-56; Lk22,43-344; Lk23,34; Joh7,53-8,11)
  • The open rebuke/post of sin is being taken away (Mt18,15; Lk17,3) as this is unwanted
  • Judaism is being promoted/cultivated (the heresy of the Jews, that the keeping of an outer sabbat, the keeping of days, dietary lwas, feasts & rituals would be salvation-relevant) resp. loop-holes for religiosity are being left open (Mt23,14, Acts15,24; Acts21,25; Rom14,6; Gal3,1)
  • Prophecy that Jesus fulfilled, ist being eiliminated/extirpated, resp. it is being denied, that Jesus fulfilled Prophecies (Mt27,35; Mk1,2; Mk15,28)
  • The exclusivity, that Jesus is the only way to the father, is taken away (Joh6,47; Acts9,28; Phil4,13)
  • they make, that the text contains contradictions/lies/false statements (Mk1,2; Joh21,15; Acts13,19-20; Phil1,16-17)
  • the Universalism-Heresey ist being promoted (Rev21,24)

To start with I recommend the reading of the following mentioned Document of Rudolf Ebertshäuser (Warning, I cannot agree with his doctrine (he teaches original sin, therefore absolute ceasing from sin is not salvation-relevant for him, because according to the teaching of original sin one cannot stop sinning))

I have already mentioned some things on the mindmap (only in german so far). For more information please consult the comparison chart of the 300 most important biblevers-changes of the New Testament (the 300 verses were originally chosen by rudolf ebertshäuser - I put the chart into english)

Here the most recent version of the bibletranslation-comparison-chart of the 300 verses as Open-Office-File/as PDF

The chart is on what horrifying differences the bibletranslations contain, very recommendable.

For those that know Greek, download the greek Text TR according to Stephanus as PDF without morphological data / as PDF with morphological data or as theWord-Module .nt with accents / .nt without accents

Yet, its somehow a good idea, if you check other versions as well to make sure you get the real meaning of the original words in the greek or hebrew. KVJ-Onlyism isn't quite a good thing, because there are also many difficult words in it and old words which have changed their meaning.

Important words in the KJV

Since some words have changed their meaning since the days of the KJV, you must know that some words have a different meaning today. Here you can find more info

Bible Translations to refuse

The false Theologians will NEVER tell you, that all the following bibletranslations are based upon a false original text, because they want to make profit/money with it and if you ruin someone elses business (e.g. the publishing houses) with that you stand up for the truth you will make yourself a lot of enemies. The apostles also got enemies because they were openly AGAINST idolatry. Because with idolatry a huge business was made and people among other things didn't want to do without their profit. (see Acts19,23 and following).

By the way, all the apostles (except John, I don't count Judas Ischariot now) have been killed and didn't die a natural death. Trust me, they weren't just killed without reason, but because they were a thorn in the side of Satan and evil men, becaues they stood up against lies and sins and preached against it adn didn't take part in the idolatry - THAT'S WHY one is being hated as a Christian, because one stands up against sin and doesn't take part therein (Mt10,22; Joh15,20; 2Tim3,12 doesn't just happen without reason). But you have to go through that, there's no other way into the kingdom of God (Mt7,13-14; Lk13,24; Acts14,22).

Because the truth is important to me and that souls can be saved, that's why I also inform about the false bibletranslations that you should avoid.

Here follows a list of bibletranslations which NOT recommended:

FIXME test [[NKJV]] / [[NIV]] if good to use

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