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9/11 (Semptember 11. 2001)

get more information on 9/11 (videos and make summary)

Summary: ( not yet complete summary FIXME)

Official Story

The 9/11 Official Story Retold in under 5 minutes

Outcome of what happened / What happened after 9/11 ?

Anomalies of 9/11

  • 9/11-Airplanes looke like projection - 1) – the right wing tip of the plane just disappears for a second
  • The only thing recorered from the airplane that hit the tower was an engine - yet the engine is not the one that it is claimed to be officially 2) - completly different engine type and engine size. There's not even an impact crater visible where the engine was supposedly found - how did it get there? How could it fall from high altitude down without making a crater in the concrete? > it was just placed there…
  • guy is blown out of the window 3) – this means that explosives were used…
  • there's a noose out visible (from Fox News Channel) of the plane - this would be physically impossible 4) - the noose out happened, because it was live and they moved the camera angle by accident, just moments afterwards, they cut the live-stream (frantically faded to black), yet it was shortly visible, they were too late to conceal their tricks. Thus its obvious, that they edited the plane in and tried to make it go hide behind a layer mask (one of many anomalies exposed in Simon Shocks Film). In the same video, if you rewind the footage, it gets obvious, that the plane was inserted, as it was only visible in the narrow-angle shot, yet its supposed path was not visible in the wide-angle shot
  • 3 more anomalies, aired by NBC: 5) plane on the evening news has been edited in (1) AND the background has been edited out (2), to make it appear, as if the evening news had been filmed from a different angle, whereas in reality it was probably the same camera, but only the color of the video was edited (3) to make it appear AS IF it were an other camera that filmed it 6)
  • 9_11 on US-flag i.imgur.com_wljdgmy.jpg
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